Who am I?

My Name is Nick Lang. I'm a concurrently enrolled high school and college student in San Diego. Currently I am working towards associate degrees in English and Philosophy. It is my eventual hope to attain a doctorate in Theology, and work in Christian ministry as a pastor.

I volunteer in my church's youth programs, usher, and run media presentations for worship service.

What is this blog about?

Life. What it is. What problems it presents. How society can better function. How we can make life better. And whatever I feel passionate about writing on any given day. Most of my views are religiously inspired, and are similar to evangelical or baptist doctrines.

One of the primary ways I approach life's problems is through poetry. I feel that figurative language and flow are a beautiful and sometimes more meaningful way to communicate the frustrations and struggles life brings us, as well as its joys.

In a serious approach to dealing life, I believe open discussion is a necessity; so please ask questions, comment, and engage in productive, friendly debate and discussion here.

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